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Depression and Anxiety


   Anxiety and Depression 

A common reason that women seek counseling and therapy is related to anxiety and depression.  If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, therapy can help. In my over 15 years of experience, I have helped many women work through and resolve their symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 6 million Americans suffer with anxiety. Women suffer anxiety twice as often as men. Did you know that medication will not heal this condition? For some, it can help manage the symptoms. Also, it is worth noting that medication taken in conjunction with therapy offers no better results than psychotherapy alone. Studies repeatedly show that the best overall results are with process of therapy when done consistently.  For the best results, choose a therapist based on your own preference rather than being limited to only in-network providers listed on your insurance plan. (Click on: Does Therapy Work? page for the reference to the studies cited here.)

Depression Facts 

Did you know that seventeen million Americans suffer from depression every year and more than half of them are women? Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as well.

Women often suffer from depression when they are battling the following conditions:

· Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, over eating

· Anxiety

· Stress

· Menopause symptoms

· Infertility

· Problems in their marriages

· Problems with their children

· Rape by strangers or people they know

· Domestic Violence

· Physical illness in themselves or loved ones



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