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If you are struggling with depression, consider that some of it may be due to aspects of our society. There are often many contributing factors to depression. Some of them may be personal circumstances. But others may be a result of certain societal pressures that are not so easily recognizable because of the fact that they are built into everyday life and the way we think.

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For example, I have observed in the women who seek therapy the tendency to make either personal relationships or work life carry all the weight for fulfillment and satisfaction in life. But, they nearly always come up short sooner or later. Relationships don’t meet these excessive expectations; work life and material gains are insufficient too. However, there is a pervasive mindset that more is better – more things, sex, money, drugs, alcohol. This ‘solution’ itself is the problem. 

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There are many culturally determined ideas that can be deeply injurious to individual well being. The idea that more is better is one of them. However, these ideas and beliefs are so built into the way we think and operate in the world that we accept them unquestioningly as “the way life is”. These views, which typically operate outside conscious awareness, create silent symptoms of psychological, physical or spiritual illnesses. Much of what contributes to the suffering of an individual or a society today is not recognizable. It is indistinguishable from what we expect our normal of our normal daily life and the way we think and process.

Now look at the following list. Do you recognize yourself?

Here are some examples of culturally determined ideas and the suffering that they create in the individual:  

  • There is an incessant demand for perfection - suffered in silence. 
  • Today’s approach to life is determined by a ‘hyper-rationality’ - “I think therefore I am”. (Descartes' cogito ergo sum) 
  • There is a deep cynicism that is part of today’s culture. -  Nietzsche’s “God is dead.” There is no meaning in life. 
  • Scientific proof is the new god/the ultimate authority. -  Nothing is valid that cannot be proven concretely i.e., nothing is sacred.
  • Our way of thinking is literal, concrete and causal. -  excludes symbolizing, stunts creativity, and inhibits spontaneity, imagination and meaning making. 

These aspects of our post-modern culture result in new forms of anxiety, depression, character pathologies, borderline conditions and addictions. Contrary to the notion that emotional or mental distress can only be addressed with medication, a deep engagement with your psychological material allows for a lasting positive change.  

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