End of Life and Loss

Certified Jungian Analyst

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Facing the end of life, whether it is ones own or that of a loved one, can be very difficult. This is true not only for the obvious reasons but, can also be complicated by the influences of society.There can be a felt pressure to "do everything medically possible" to prevent death and prolong life. Sometimes this is what is truly desired and other times it is not.  Either way, I can help you find your way to what is right for you and/or your loved ones. I will also assist you as you process the questions that are most pressing for you and aid you in working through your fears and feelings. 

Where do you go for guidance? It used to be more common practice to consult a religious leader for spiritual guidance and support. However, fewer and fewer people have a meaningful connection with an organized religious tradition. Yet, at the end of life, there is often the need to think, talk about and contemplate the bigger questions in life such as, ultimate meaning and purpose and questions about spirituality.

In my practice I help patients reflect on the meaning of being a being in contrast to cultural influences, which focus more on the material side of life e.g. what we have, acquire and accomplish in the outer world. The interest in the inner life is left unattended when the focus of life is so heavily external. The inner life is the recognition of 'who I am' that is not dependent or determined by the 'who I am' in the outer world. Together we can pay attention to your inner life and help you discover a sense of yourself that originates within you.