What to Expect from Therapy or Counseling


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First and foremost, you can and should expect that you are able to change. Change requires that you are an active participant in the process. The positive effects of therapy are proportional to how much energy, thought, reflection and effort you put into the process of your own therapeutic work. As your therapist, I will be present with you as a full participant as well as to engage you, guide you and challenge you along the way.

You can expect that you will be helped and that you might even enjoy the process! I take the point of view that we all know our own truths but often do not listen to ourselves for one reason or another. I can help you become aware of the way you avoid, deny or ignore your truth. Tracking these patterns over time will help you to liberate yourself from them.

You can expect to see yourself and your problems with greater clarity, renew your hope and come to a greater sense of well-being. You can expect that you will develop a new point of view, which will free you from painful patterns of behaviors and difficulties. Jung called this breaking heimarmene (pronounced: hi –mar-monee). Heimarmene is a term that he borrowed from astrology, which means the constellation of the stars, i.e. fated circumstances, the givens. Putting it another way, these are the things in ourselves that we say are “just the way I am,” that we identify ourselves by and that we don’t expect can change. Even these entrenched modes of operating are changeable.

There are times when you will feel worse on the way to getting better. This is called a crisis in healing. It is part of the process of actually getting better -- distinct from feeling better. As a matter of fact, it is interesting to note that the etymology of the word ‘crisis’ means “turn,” including a turn toward health and well-being during an illness. Often there can be some confusion when getting better involves feeling bad as part of the process, especially when “bad” feelings are stigmatized by society. We are inundated with the idea that we should always be up, on our game, happy, positive and in charge.

By working together you can expect to shift some of your current points of view that are detrimental to your well-being, change old ideas about yourself that are the source of pain and conflict and break out of habitual ways of behaving, feeling and thinking that are problematic. You can expect to sort through ideas you have about yourself and life that are not consistent with your deeper values. 

We will work with your dreams as well. You can expect to be surprised to recognize that there is wisdom in the psyche that is reflected in your dreams. The dream level is available to everyone and, when interpreted and understood, can lead to deep self-recognition and healing.